STARBUCKS KOREA SNS Campaign Project, 2020  #스타벅스좋아해

Through this SNS campaign, Starbucks shares the value and reason that make this brand special.

Motion Works

1. Intro Illustration/ Instagram Page @starbuckskorea

2. Customer’s Story,  “Ice Americano”

    첫 번째 사연, “아이스 아메리카노”

3. Customer’s Story,  “Comfy Space”

    두 번째 사연,  “편안한 공간”

4. Customer’s Story, “Friendly Partners”

     네 번째 사연, “친절한 파트너”

Process (Thumbnails > Refined Sketch > Color Comps > Final Illustration and Motion)

Intro Illustration

Friendly Partners - Main Illustration

Friendly Partners - Spot Illustration